If I could help you connect to your body and find peace of mind - without taking up too much time would you be interested? 


Learn how to apply the principals of yoga to manage the stress of daily life. These recorded videos will help you stay grounded so you can keep your heart open during these important times. 

• Are you looking for more out of your yoga practice than physical exercise? Do you want all limbs of yoga? 


• Are you hoping to get back into a yoga routine but can't seem to connect to the online class idea? 


• Are you curious about how to use yoga breathing and meditation to ease the stress of daily life?


• Do you know you don't move your body enough and are seriously in need of inspiration? Maybe you are even a bit scared because you have been out of practice for a while.



Yoga is about YOU connecting to the highest most authentic, loving parts of you!  This is a personal journey that will carry you through the waves of life.  The Journey Inbody will give you support and inspiration to look within and stay centered no matter what situation is at hand. 


If you want your practice to become a part of you, something that you want to do vs. have to do, it is essential that you connect to a teacher and a path. You want to find a teacher that speaks to your heart and comes to mind throughout your daily life. You want to find a path that gives you hope and allows you to connect to the most sensitive parts of who you are.  Elizabeth's loving energy is like a magnet and one student said, "Elizabeth's smile makes me feel better even before I do the practice!" Just logging to the membership site will open your heart. 


If you want to go on a Journey Inbody you will feel light in your body and begin to see a shift in your mind.  Plus you get the extraordinary health benefits of yoga asana! 

Welcome to the 2nd year of the



  • You will learn and grow your practice through intentional asana videos, designed to guide you on your journey to “inner” peace and awareness 

  • You will go beyond just learning the poses of yoga and deep dive into the principles and philosophies that will fuel your growth and practice

  • You will discover how to quiet your ever-chattering mind and drop in to a place of inner peace and quiet. 

  • You will advance both your physical and mental yoga practices while giving yourself grace to be flexible in your practice. 

  • You will feel supported and have access to the perfect videos for you whenever you need it.

Let's walk your journey together.


What's included?

As part of the Yoga Inbody Membership Sangha you will get 3 yoga videos a week that help you build your yoga practice plus a series of Yoga Foundation videos that can be used as resources at any time. You will receive a genuine connection with an expert yoga instructor who cares about you. 


We believe in you and trust the practices and lessons we present. Each month we will build towards a different physical movement or stretch and focus on a new yoga philosophy lesson. The meditations will support these practices and help you connect with your True Self on a deep level.  You will be apart of a community who sees positive energy and wants to be apart of the change. 

Meet  Elizabeth

Elizabeth Kittell  (RYT-500) is a professional yoga teacher, passionate adventure guide and powerful Reiki energy healer. In 2020 she spent 4 months in India and was gifted the spiritual name Sadhvi. She is so happy to have founded Yoga Inbody in Riggins, Idaho, where she teaches yoga, meditation and Reiki trainings. She and her husband Jon also lead annual yoga and trekking expeditions to Peru and Nepal with their company Inbody Expeditions. 


Elizabeth integrates her knowledge gained from a bachelor degree in Health & Exercise Science, RYT500 yoga training, Reiki Level III teacher training and 10+ years of experience trip leading on Idaho rivers into her retreats.  She sees everyday as an adventure and is always in loving service to the Divine. 


Elizabeth excels at teaching students to align their bodies, open their minds and expand their spirits. Her anatomically oriented yoga classes have strong themes and spiritual messages. Elizabeth occasional includes playful partner yoga to help you connect to others. 


Yoga is all about the energy and Elizabeth's energy is pure love and light. 

  • Recorded Practices

    You watch the videos on your own time. New videos will be uploaded to your membership site every Sunday with an inspirational message. The weekly practices are designed to build upon each other and increase your strength, flexibility, spiritual energy.  

    Choose from 

    Long Video is 40-60 minutes

    - Short Video: 20-30 minutes

    Or a quick 3 minute practice 

  • Monthly Philosophy 

    Each month you will receive a short yoga philosophy lesson. Teachings like this are hard to find and will open your heart in surprising ways.  

  • Teacher Support

    Yoga is an energy connection between you and your highest Self. (whatever that means to you) A teacher guides your through your blocks and shines light on your life and practice.  

  • Membership Site

    All of your challenge content will be uploaded and archived to an exclusive membership site. Your access to this site will never expire.

  • Community Connection

     Feel supported by a group of like minded people in the safety of your own home.  Comment on the videos with any questions or breakthrough moments you want to share. 

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