Feel calm, peaceful, connected and relaxed in your mind, body and relationships.


The Challenge Starts in...


  • Are you craving a deeper connection to yourself and the people you love? 
  • Are you tired, stressed and worn down?
  • Do you want to release agitation and fear? 
  •  Are you sick of your body pain?
  •  Are you the last person that you take care of even though you know you can't help others with an empty cup? 




If your answer is YES to any of the above



  • You will feel more calm, capable and positive. 

  • You will cultivate patience, awareness and peace of mind to support your life. 

  • You will feel confident in your body no matter what your abilities. 

  • You will learn compassion based thinking and how to apply it to yourself and others. 

  • You will learn to be patient with others and yourself.

Give yourself the gift of compassion

The compassion challenge surprised me the first year I joined.  It was so powerful and I participated in every video. I believe that it helped me prepare mentally and emotionally for a health challenge that arose in my life. I will continue to seek opportunities to work with both Elizabeth & Jon. 

Celie Schoustra

2019 Compassion Challenge Grand Prize winner

I went on Healing Moms retreat and then did the Compassion Challenge. I have learned that I am not responsible for other people's emotions. This has helped me in my relationship with my son and allowed me to stay calm during high stress situations at work. 

Heather Roth

2020 Compassion Challenge Grand Prize Winner

Erica Gerber

2019 & 2020 Champion

My life changed from the compassion challenge and retreats. I now have a new job and do yoga regularly. I'm exploring my shifts with self compassion and love it. The work and the teachings that Elizabeth does is truly amazing!

Lynn Demerse

2019 & 2020 Champion

The compassion challenge in my tool box has allowed me to be a better wife, daughter-in-law and friend.

Elizabeth’s honesty as a teacher and healer is important to me. I carry her with me now as I go about my day.


What's included?

In the Compassion Challenge you get four weeks of compassionate, spiritual energy from Elizabeth and Jon Kittell. The LIVE lessons will include insight on how to transform your energy and move into a more loving connected headspace. Each week you will receive a yoga asana practice, meditation, group Reiki healing and compassion practice. The lessons will culminate with an interactive assignment that you will be able share in our community happy hour later in the week. At the end of every week there is a Compassion Prize awarded to the participant who embodies the practices and completes all of the videos. 


Compassion allows you to realize you are already great. This challenge will guide you through any internal blocks to a place of inner peace and set you up to start 2021 on a positive path. We will teach you how to see the beauty in your day to day life and guide you on adventures INBODY (in your body). At the end of the challenge you will be filled with inspiration allowing you to deepen your connection with yourself and improve your relationship with others. 


  • Spiritual Yoga Practices 

    Have you ever had a moment in yoga where you felt complete peace and harmony? Every Saturday morning, we will come together in sacred space to feel, explore and release tension in our bodies. The yoga postures will be foundational poses that are available for all body types. We believe yoga is more about what you feel than the way you look. Through these practices we can connect to the moment, a valuable tool used to calm the mind. 


  • Community Happy Hour

    Grab a cup of your favorite tea and join us for an hour of intentional connection.  This is the only part of the challenge that will be on Zoom. We want to see everyone's smiling face and give you a chance to connect through sharing your experiences with the lessons or asking questions about your journey. Both Jon and Elizabeth will be holding space for these wonderful get togethers. We can't wait! 

  • Epic Compassion Lessons & Engaging Assignments 

    Every year our compassion lessons are different because we are in different places along our journey. This year the lessons are jammed packed with loving information and build on each other each week. Get ready for some exciting growth and wonderful realizations!  

  • LIVE Morning Meditation

    We believe meditation is for everyone, even if your mind is more like a bouncy ball pit than a peaceful stream. We will focus on one meditation practice each week so you will have time to connect and deepen your experience with each technique. You will learn how to honor your inner Shakti (creative power) that is your mind so you can stay compassionate all day. Past students have been amazed how much these lessons kept them calm and patient throughout the day. 

  • Powerful Group Healing

    2020 was a challenging year for the entire world and we believe opened many people to their healing needs. In our sacred healing circles, you will be held in and filled with Divine love and light. We will create a safe place for you to process emotions and feel deeply into these challenging times. If you wish to receive Reiki healing we will invite and channel it into your mind, body and heart. 

  • January 2021 Support and Loving Inspiration 

    .The 2021 Compassion Challenge goes from January 3rd to January 30th. We will support you with a weekly email, heaps of juicy social media posts, a printable schedule and Divine love and light. If you want more support, one-on-one sessions are available.  



Are you ready to do something for yourself? 




Are you ready to make the most of 2021?



Are you ready to feel good about yourself and open to receive love and light?

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Bonus Experiences

End 2020 with grace and start 2021 with beauty. Transition into a calm headspace.


LIVE : December 31st, 2020

LIVE : January 1st, 2021

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